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Kids Matter: The economics of fatherhood ‘Education for kids’ April 14, 2011

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There are plenty of things you can do to help your kids get a great start in life. Reading to them daily will encourage them to become an independent reader quicker. Teaching your kids their ABC and first steps into reading and writing will also give them a great boost. Most importantly, being involved with them everyday is the best thing a dad can do for their kids!  So, being an Active Dad is key to raising active kids!

Kids Matter – The economics of fatherhood – Education was made solely using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010





One Response to “Kids Matter: The economics of fatherhood ‘Education for kids’”

  1. The importance of reading to small kids can never be stressed enough.. A great quote I heard recently…children learn to read on the laps of their parents….how true….Eliza Keating

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