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Impressive education system in FinLAND April 23, 2013

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Saw this one from one of my blog source and its pretty obvious how they did it but still only a few meets the requirements when it comes to an impressive educational system. There is no point in adding years in grade school, high school or even college when the main problem is the school itself. For example, no matter how parents pay high tuition fees for their kids and expects a lot from their young ones of course but the main cause of a poor education is having a big group of student such as 40 students in one class room is more than enough for the teacher to guide every pupil she has inside it, in short it is a big overload, and sad to say not every private schools is a very convenient one when it comes to number of students. Some private schools tend to give a low salary for teachers and sad to say most of the veteran professors leave because they are not given the good benefits of staying like raise in salaries etc., so the top/experienced teachers leave the school and the freshly graduates and less experienced teachers replace the top/experienced ones of course in favor for the school budgets (which the parents are paying for the good of their daughters/sons educations supposedly) and worst because parents want their kids to excel or even improve more and are not as good as the parents expects they send their kids to private tutorials (BUmmer! whats the use of paying a high tuition fees with the inconvenience of spending more money to teach their kids individually?) .. And so some just got their own ways of saving their kids from this delema. I hope this blog will wake some money makers in our educational system that our future is at risk if the kids is at risk of not getting the right kind of educational needs.

This is just a thought that everyone should realize, money are spent and time is wasted but at this point money are wasted and so is the time. And that’s all, have a nice day !

Wished this could be implemented in our country!
Wished this could be implemented in our country!


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