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This stuff is amazing and its very creative to make use of nature with art.. And might try this on my yard one of these days definitely..
Grafitti, Moss




Anamorphic SculpturesNice ;) March 9, 2013

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I saw a lot of colourful stuff on the net and different kinds of arts all around the web and this one is very unique and creative enough to

make some abstract idea from a simple set of reflections.

amorph_sculpture02a amorph_sculpture02 amorph_sculpture01 amorph_sculpture02b amorph_sculpture03 amorph_sculpture04 amorph_sculpture05 amorph_sculpture06 amorph_sculpture07










BoRn LiKe An ArTiST .. May 22, 2011

“This is quite an inspiring representation of humans interest and how that interest becomes a part of what we become and a dream that makes ourselves explore more of what we already are and from all we know Life itself is an ART  🙂 ” -ACE z




ORIGAMI FOR EverYoNe April 22, 2011

My kid loves origami and i don’t think she is alone with it.. So sharing this kind of art is a big pleasure.. Just click the working link below the image 🙂 or clicking the image will make you see what kind of origami is available and enlarging it at the same time:)Ref:


Incredibly Creative Pencil Drawings vs Photography April 21, 2011

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I was amazed myself seeing this kind of art in a piece of paper versus the digital image of photography.. And I have to admit its more than an art seeing this kind of artwork come to life.. 🙂



With This Tattoo I Thee Wed April 7, 2011

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Fear not, for the picture above is actually photoshopped and such a pierced wedding ring does not, to my knowledge, exist – not yet, anyway. However, another type of alternative wedding ring is becoming more and more popular these days, and is in fact more extreme due to its permanent nature. It’s the tattooed wedding ring: an ink-based declaration of love that is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s generally cheaper than buying a ring; secondly, it’s impossible to lose; also, it allows for a far more personal touch; and finally, it’s very unique.

Here are some examples.



I  love the idea of these, its soo devoted and very unique.. It is the point where material rings could be removed while these tatooes are permanent 😉